Monday, January 18, 2016

Philippine's First Flying Attraction: Trampoline Park is Arriving to Manila!

Trampoline Park - Greenfield Mandaluyong

In the recent years, the famous American concept of Trampoline Park has been a global craze in the U.S. and Europe with over 350 Trampoline Parks. In the coming weeks, it will finally arrive here in the Philippines! Yay! Are you excited to jump and bump and burn those calories from the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations? This will be another exciting and unique healthy activity for the health-conscious Filipinos :)

This will be the Philippine's first flying attraction with a giant warehouse filled with dozens of unique trampoline mats stretching from wall-to-wall and are connected to form one huge surface which is enclosed with padded side walls and angled trampolines – allowing you to jump, fly and literally bounce in every direction.